Amoryl (amoryl) wrote,

overactive imaginations

sometimes I really hate having such an active imagination. I'm really very reminded of something Crowley said in Good Omens, or at least I think thats where it came from. "Humans do a much better job thinking up horrible punnishments than we ever could" or something to that effect.

my weekend has left me far more confused and frustrated than anything. and my overactive imagination has teamed up with my currently shockingly low self esteem to make certain that it's every bit as confused and messed up as humanly possible to be. the worst part of my irrational brain has managed to drag my train of thought so far into the nonsensical that I no longer have any idea where the reasonable concerns would even be. in the end I'm left feeling abjectly worthless and a failure in pretty much everything there is in life.

My self esteem system has taken a pretty brutal beating this past month or so in particular, I'm honestly not sure what more I can take of it.

I really need a hug.

scratch that, I need a great deal of hugs.

or held tight and rocked like a baby...yeah, that would be lovely.
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