Amoryl (amoryl) wrote,

I aiten't ded

for those who use LJ, well you can tell how often I do.

I don't know if I'll ever post another journal here, it's not that I ever intend to dissapear, it's just that it happens. I've lost touch with some of you, still vaguely in touch with some. maybe for some I left and will never come or be welcome back, I don't know.

mostly I post drawings and the occasional writing, and the occasional insight into myself on my DeviantArt page.

I think I'm usually far too closed, and far too jumbled to really put my feelings out in here. and when I do, it's been so long that there's no context to anyone but those who already know pretty much everything I'm going to write anyway.

for those that want to talk to me, best way is through AIM or Email

Amoryl Wanderer (may be 1 word, I can never remember)

CaptnAmoPants @ Gmail thats a dotter commer there folks

of course If you care to see what I've been drawing lately, you can find me at

it's far too late, and I'm really kinda feeling broken right now, so I'll end this journal now.
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