Amoryl (amoryl) wrote,

long journey...destination reached, mostly

so 4 days of 10+ hours behind the wheel have resulted in arriving in San Fransisco sometime around 8local time last night. today is my rest and decompress day.

it was a good trip, exhausting, but good. St. Louis was ungodly hot. but I did get to see a very dear and loved friend, if even just for a couple minutes. stopped at the last Motel 6 in the universe that lacked internet access..that kinda sucked. stayed in Colorado with a pair of friends, amazingly good food, great company, and lots of geeky geeky conversations. and chilling out in the pool after dinner. honestly wished I could have stayed with em an extra day, but timelines and such. the trip from colorado to Salt Lake City was pretty uneventful. beautiful country, but nothing really noteworthy good or bad happened. the Super 8 in SLC was pretty decent, very updated. and the lady gave me a AAA discount, even though I don't have AAA. so it ended up being only slightly more expensive than the crappy Motel 6 outside of Topeka. and equally cheaper to the super 8 we stayed in outside of nashville. the trip from SLC to SF was mixed. beautiful gorgeous scenery, mixed with absolutely nothing. but GODS it was hot. we'd get a bottle of water or some assorted beverage, and it was hot within 10minutes, it was lukewarm within about 3-5. I eventually broke down and picked up a styrofoam cooler and tossed everything into that. it might have been smart to have done that in the first place, but and learn. dindn't end up being nearly the hassle it was suspected to have been.

so...2400 miles in 4 days, I'm taking a day off.

after that it's time to find a place to live, fly back to chicago, get everything loaded up, and fly back with the cats
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