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well now hasn't THIS been a while?

i'd love to stop counting down the last days till i leave my current job, but every time i try it ends up being longer and longer. so to avoid the possibility that i can't give notice tomorrow or whatnot, i've switched days with the asst. manager so he'll work the friday that the owners are at the store, and i'll work his sunday. because it's clear that if i work with the owners at all i'm 99.999....% certain to tell them to go Fuck themselves in somewhere very very sensitive, and walk the hell out of there.

the Bose job fell through, for those of you who even knew i was looking. fair enough, i have a much better oppritunity with Roto-Rooter as messy and smelly as it is. plus when i move back to chicago i'll have a job right away, rather then the chance of a job a month after i get there. now i just have to chase down the hiring guy at roto-rooter and secure a good interview.

which brings me to the other big news some of you might not know yet. I'm moving back to chicago!
yes it's back to the windy city for me (well...about an hour north actually) back to home and friends and actual seasons. at first it was largely because my friend jay could set me up with a job there, not just a job, but an actual begining of a career. as things stand however, if i get the roto-rooter job, i've got much better prospects of a career so things change a bit. still, it's back homebound for me, back to living in chicago for the first time in over 6 years. gods has it been that long? there are grand plans, GRAND PLANS you see. not the least of which is the plan to rent the Palmer house from my sister and her husband/guy. it's a nice little 2story 4bd with i think a bath and a half. but thats not much of an issue. it's got a basement and a back yard, and no neighbors sharing a wall or floor/ceiling! i can have a game room and maybe set up a portable firepit in the back yard, maybe some garden lighting and a fountain with some nifty porch stuff for the long spring and autumn nights. so many plans.

the estimated date is the end of march, nothing more certain then that, sadly. but it's also possible that it won't be till Aug.

so...around nov/dec begins the task of sending random belongings to mom's with a note telling her to expect me in march/aug (i should know by then)

now don't get me wrong, seattle's a nice place, but sadly there's nothing really here for me, and all my friends and family are 2036 miles east. it doesn't help that i havn't found a decent job in the 2 years i've been here. course this possible job WOULD be a good job, but hey, too little too late. besides, i plan to transfer to chicago anyway so it'll be as good a job there.

gah, i've gotta wake up earlyish and call the guy AGAIN. i NEEED to get out of this shitty job like LAST FREAKIN MONTH. bah
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