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dreaming of dreams dreaming us

so it's known that i have...odd dreams. by and large my dreams are not your normal sane human dreams. though many are quite different, i have some reoccuring themes. for instance, i often have dreams where i'm weighed down hideously. i'm not fat, nor am i wearing heavy items, rather gravity is like 10x stronger on me then normal. dreams like this almost always involve me walking to highschool. and highschool in my dream is 3 blocks away (as opposed to the 4 miles or so it was in reality) the three blocks is used as a reference for when i leave my home 8 hours before school so i can make sure i'll get there on time. yes my entire dream in this case is usually just crawling to school. the other main reoccuring theme is my car having irrisistable momentum. in this dream even if i'm just inching along i could be standing on the brake and my car wont stop. it was like the brakes didn't work at ALL but then i started to realize they did work, but nothing could actually stop my car from continuing in whatever direction it was heading, be it brakes, concrete medians, buldings. i'm never zooming along, it's always like 5mph tops, the car just WON'T stop.

these dreams are fairly easy to understand, or at least i think i do. however it's recently come to my attention that there is yet another reoccuring theme, and that involves running.

by and large when i don't have the heavy gravity dream i have the "fleet of foot" dream where i can run effortlessly at great speed (sic. faster then cars fast) i don't so much run as flow, i'm relaxed and my arms are often either at my side or kinda flowing behind me. this new (ish? i don't know how long it's been going on...

anyway this dream involves running. and when i start running i drop and run on all fours. this particular dream has been happening more and more often lately and i have no idea what it means.

anyone out there know how to interperate dreams?
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