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Insane in the Membrane

so i'm watching 12 Monkeys again after years and i realize that Brad Pitt does an EXCELENT crazy person. i only wish i could be half as crazy as he pulls off.

in other news it seems that Games Workshop US is moving warehouses or something and instead of shipping my stuff within 48 hours like they say on the website, it's actually more like 3 weeks...i SHOULD be receiving it sometime within the next 5 or so days. ass

but then i need more practice on painting anyway, my Marine Commander isn't coming out as nice as i wish it were. time to delve more deeply into my painting books. maybe tomorrow i'll take my commander and sgt to the local GW store and have them give me some pointers.

otherwise work's been pretty much same ol same ol. nothing new to report there.

there's apperently a new contest at Imp Lit. the prize is less but the recognition is much it's like bragging rights. now to see if i can pull it off a second time.

plus i still need to write out my Wild Geese storyline, and my IG story. not to mention writing out the most boring story ever on Imp Lit. oh the plans for that'll make your eyes bleed.

plus there's a drawing request that i'd like to shake my pencil at.
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